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ShadeOfCantor reviews LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (X360)

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ShadeOfCantor said...

When we bought our 360, this came bundled with it. I immediately dismissed it, along with Kung Fu Panda, as being games that they bundled because nobody was actually buying them. As time went by, I ran into posts by various people who thought the Lego games in general were the best thing since sliced bread. Since I try to be willing to give anything a shot and didn't have to pay or do anything for the privilege, I added it to the notional queue of games to play.

And then I pretty much forgot it. It wasn't appealing in and of itself, after all, and the choice between, say, Bioshock and Lego Indiana Jones seemed pretty simple. Last Friday, however, I found myself looking at what was left on the queue.. and found myself choosing between Psychonauts (which I picked up because it was $2 on Steam), The Dig (nostalgia + another Steam sale) and Lego Indiana Jones.

Well, I decided I'd had LIJ on the queue long enough. I sat down to play it, and after I'd spent a couple minutes bouncing around through the first level Dena wandered out to see whether the new game was interesting to watch. And then she noticed the words "Press Start to Join" flashing in the upper right corner.

And that is how Lego Indiana Jones became a complete obsession for four days.

Any halfway decent game with local cooperative play is of major interest to me. One that's actually a lot of fun? Well, look forward to seeing every other Lego game we can find discussed in this space soon.

It's the best 3d platformer I have yet played. Admittedly, for the most part it isn't very difficult.. but I have yet to play a 3d platformer that had interesting difficulty beyond "the camera hates you" - I view No More Heroes as a 3d beat-em-up, and yes the distinction matters. What it does offer is genuinely exploration-oriented gameplay where there's actually interesting stuff to find and do. A big part of the reason for the lack of difficulty ties into this, since a major element is the fact that dying isn't really penalized in any very meaningful way. You simply respawn right where you died and lose some money-equivalent. There are all sorts of interesting puzzles to solve - really, the game is a puzzle game, something that only became clear to me when we started trying for 100% completion and revisiting levels and finding out that they were actually all pretty short once you knew the solutions to the puzzles.. which makes going for 100% completion all the more appealing, since it's not an endless ordeal.

This is a fantastic game and I eagerly anticipate playing through more games in the series.

Game Traits applied to LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (X360) by ShadeOfCantor

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    platforming, Cooperative, exploration
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    fun, funny, casual
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date: 03/JUN/08
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